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RV Insurance

RV insurance is crucial due to numerous factors related to the size of the vehicle. As the vehicle is meant for long journeys away from home, its purpose is beyond providing transportation. Thousands of RV owners use RVs as their permanent residence. Hence, they require comparatively more extensive coverage almost similar to homeowners. Full time RV users have many assets on board that need protection. In most cases, you will need coverage or personal liability insurance in the event there is an accident.

RV insurance covers medical bills and damage to other items on board the RV. Furthermore, full timers also need protection against theft or any other damage to an RV. Such kinds of insurance plans include personal liability coverage, storage shed content protection, loss assessment coverage, and protection against medical payments to others.

There are many things that can happen while occupying an RV. This includes threat of the vehicle being stolen, or damaged due to fire and any other reason. Keeping these threats in mind, RV coverage plans offer comprehensive coverage against the risk of fire, theft or damage. Similarly, there is always a chance of accidents on highways. So, personal auto coverage offers collision coverage. This protects the owner from damages in case a RV collides with an object or another vehicle on the road.

Decision to take the best personal auto coverage plan for an RV lies on the rates and discounts offered by the insurance companies. Insurance companies offer special deals and discounts to RV owners similar to an auto or home insurance policy. Most commonly, companies offer discounts on claims-free renewal. RV owners are entitled to available discounts on at-fault accidents after having a renewal of policy without causing any accident. Furthermore, customers can receive discounts on premiums paid in full, for the whole year. In addition, there are companies which offer bundling discounts on multiple insurance policies.

As RVs are not typically used year round, it may be advisable to talk to a representative about different options regarding RV insurance. Some insurance companies may offer temporary insurance. This is similar to rental car insurance where you purchase for the day or up to the time that is needed. This may save you in high deductibles and unnecessary monthly premiums. When you are shopping for RV insurance, it is important to know how the premiums are calculated. Just like any insurance quote there are a number of factors involved. This includes:

  • Type of recreational vehicle. Is it a motorhome or travel trailer?
  • Mileage- how often will you be using the recreational vehicle?
  • Own or Rent

If you have questions regarding RV insurance, let Blue Sky Coverage help you find a policy that is suitable for you. Call us today to get a quote for your personal auto coverage.

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