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Short Term Plans

Health insurance is heading in a direction that should increase healthy living for many Americans. The stress of not having health insurance truly troubled families coast to coast. Thankfully, there are a more health insurance options to help families continue to thrive. Short term health plans continues to protect families.

Short term health insurance plans provide temporary health insurance coverage for a short period of time. You are typically covered for at least six months but never more than a year. This is ideal if you are waiting for your primary healthcare insurance, and/or if you are at retiring age. These plans do not offer extensive medical coverage such as preventive care.

Short term health plans also have other difference from traditional health plans. These plans do not cover pre-existing medical conditions. This includes conditions that have been treated in the previous 2 to 5 years. As with most health insurance plans, there are requirements in order to be eligible:

  • New Job. When you get hired, it usually takes up to six months for your benefits to begin. While you are waiting, short term health plans are available to temporarily fill in your health insurance.
  • Awaiting Approval. While waiting for the approval of your application, use short term health insurance to for doctor visits.
  • With short term health insurance, you can still expect some of the same benefits that you have with your current health insurance plan. These benefits include:
  • Low premiums
  • You can get discounts when you pay up-front for your premiums
  • After paying for your deductible, insurers pays 80% to 100%
  • Freedom to choose your own doctor/physician
  • Some plans cover limited preventive care (e.g., mammograms)

In every state, many short term health insurance plans are available for people with low income. Most plans offer lab and ambulance services. In order to keep the premiums low, these plans do not offer optical or dental care. You also will not be able to get preventative care which covers immunizations and PAP tests.

As short term insurance plans are for a limited amount of time, you may want to consider Cobra Insurance. This insurance plan is offered for those who have lost their health insurance policy due to job loss. Short term insurance plans may be able to purchase through a group plan. If you have questions regarding short term insurance, let Blue Sky Coverage help you find a policy that suitable for you and your family. Call us today to get a quote.

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