A Guide to Save on Healthcare Costs

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You do not have to overpay for health care, regardless of the political climate or your personal health issues. Below are a few tips that everyone can use to lower their health care costs today.


1 – Ask your primary physician. You can find out the best hospitals for certain operations and which health centers will work with you from your primary physician. (S)he has contact with these people daily!

2 – Use the CPT code to compare costs. 
Speaking the language of a health finance department works wonders. The CPT code, or current procedural terminology code, is equivalent to a product SKU. With this code, you can compare prices across different medical facilities.

3 – Call up the chain. Timing is just as important as price when it comes to paying for medical procedures, and the billing department holds sway here. Do not be afraid to climb the ladder and ask for the manager if a facility does not give you the answer you are looking for in terms of cost and timeframe.

4 – Do not be afraid to walk. Once you have cost information from many different facilities, you may be able to leverage better pricing from your provider of choice. Health care is a very competitive business, and you may not be seeing the best offers up front.

5 – Clean up your health. If you smoked at one point, you do not always have to pay a smoker’s rate. Do the research on how long you have to stay clean, and take advantage of your new category grouping.

6 – Look to state sponsored hospitals. Hospitals have been required by law to publicly report their pricing information on some inpatient/outpatient costs since 2006. Simply looking over these websites can give you pricing information that a phone call might not dig up.

7 – There is nothing wrong with going generic. In most cases, the generic form of a drug is exactly the same as the more expensive name brand.

If you are looking for more low cost quotes and up to date information on your health care costs, call one of our dedicated health specialists or simply fill out one of our easy website forms today.

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