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Individual Health Insurance

Insurance companies offer a variety of insurance products to ensure that each individual can decide on a product that works for them and their family. With regards to individual health insurance, this is for a person who may not be employed. It does not necessarily mean for only one person. It is referred to as individual because the rate is quoted for one family and not multiple like group health insurance. This type of health insurance is also available to a person who works for a company that does not offer any medical benefits.

As with most insurance products, there are a number of premiums and deductibles to choose from. Choosing a good individual healthcare insurance company will give you the best affordable care. There are a number of things to consider when choosing a plan that works for you.

Benefits Of The Plan.

Although you may not expect to get ill or have a severe accident, you want to make sure that your health insurance plan covers most common ailments. Make sure that you are not paying extra for services like x-rays and special screenings and tests.

Know What Specialists Are Available.

Most insurance companies offer Health Maintenance Organization, HMO, plans and Preferred Provider Organization plans. Each plan differs greatly especially with available primary care physicians and specialists. If you anticipate needing referrals to specialist and other doctors, you want to make sure that the individual health insurance plan allows for this. Some plans only allow you to see a specialist if your doctor gives you a referral first.

Check The Fine Print.

Most insurance companies will offer you a quote with most of the important benefits listed. It is important to read the fine print and understand what costs are covered by the insurance company and what is covered by you. Remember that there will be a co-pay and deductible. The higher deductible, the more affordable the premiums will be for you.

As with anything that you purchase, it is a good idea to shop around. Not all individual insurance plans will be good for you. Most insurance companies allow you to receive quotes online. This allows you to do more research before you talk to an agent. If you had group insurance with a previous employer, you may qualify for Cobra Insurance. This type of insurance allows you to still have coverage at a higher premium. If you are over the age of 65 or disabled, you may qualify for both Original Medicare and MediGap. There are income and age restrictions to this type of insurance.

If you have questions regarding individual health insurance, let Blue Sky Coverage get you the coverage you need. Call us today to get personal health insurance coverage.

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