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Accident and Illness Plans

Accident and Illness is the most comprehensive coverage plan you can get for your pet. A full list of what is covered varies from carrier to carrier, but you can expect pet insurance companies to cover most non-pre-existing illnesses or accidents that require veterinary treatment.

Accident Plans

Accident-only pet insurance plans are a great option for older pets who may have a hard time qualifying for comprehensive coverage due to their age and/or pre-existing health conditions.

Wellness Care Plans

Wellness care plans offer reimbursements for routine visits. It’s essentially a preventative plan that would either stand-alone or be added onto your pet’s insurance policy. It’s important to compare and research different pet insurance providers since some, not all, have this option available.

Customized Plans

Customized plans are meant to fit your budget and help you decide what your pet needs. These plans are personalized which is why we ask questions; to get to know you and your pet better. Enter your zip code and start searching for a policy now!

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